Tinode is a free, unlimited, and flexible open source messaging platform that’s been built mobile-first.

Instant, free, global communication should be a fundamental feature of today's internet. Our aim is to enable everyone to create a high-quality chat experience outside of the walled gardens that exist today.

Why Tinode?

Permissive licensing

All client software is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. No license restrictions on connecting modified client software.


Server is written in pure Go and can be scaled by running in a cluster.


Ability to add everything from authentication schemes and database backends to automated bots and plugins.


Tinode communicates over secure websockets which makes it indistinguashable from normal web browsing.


Leverage Tinode’s hosting or have full control by hosting it yourself.


Active community on Github, with the project earning over 10,000 stars.

Benefits of Open Source

Leveraging open source technology allows you to be in control of your own company and product. You have complete access to the source code, allowing you to customize, extend or add functionality when and how you see fit. You can leverage a large, distributed community of other passionate developers to help troubleshoot or add features. Open source is much more cost and development effective - you can start small, but have confidence in the platform’s ability to scale as needed.