* Business day coverage is from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm US Pacific time zone on non-US holidays.

NOT Included

* May be provided for an additional cost of US $225/hour.

How it works

1. Provide named contacts

Support requests must be filed by one of three named contacts in your organization. Named contacts must have an email address with your company domain and must be individuals, and cannot use shared or group email addresses sent or received by more than one physical person.

2. Maintain Support subscription

Your organization must have a current Support subscription. The subscription must be appropriate for the type of the installation, i.e. a Cluster Support subscription if your installation is a cluster.

3. Provide information and logs in a timely manner

To quickly deliver root cause analysis and overall resolution the support team requires information and logs requests from the customer delivered in a timely, consistent and well-structured manner. Information may include, but would not be limited to files, logs, dumps, and redacted configuration and database information.